Koriyama Tourism Promotional Association

Koriyama Seasonal Attractions


[ Middle of April - ] Cherry blossom festival

Main sights: Kaiseizan Park, Gohyakubuchi Park, Benishidare Jizo Cherry Tree (Nakata Town), Sasahara Gawa Senbon Zakura (one thousand cherry trees along the River Sasahara) (Mihota Town), Fujita Gawa Fureai Zakura (heart-warming cherry tree along the River Fujita) (Kikuta Town)

[ April 29th ] Friendship Meet of Mt. Utsumine Climbing

Place: Starting point of a trail up a mountain at Yatagawa Babadaira in Tamura Town

It is at a height of 677m above sea level. Mt. Utsumine is a solitary mountain peak and the whole mountain is the castle ruin of Nampokucho Era. On the opening day of the mountain, after praying for safety, climbers go up to the top. They will deliver memorial pennants.

[ May 5th ] Koriyama City Children’s Festival

Place: Kaiseizan Park

This is a festival for children providing many attractions, such as miniature SL, stilts and goldfish scooping.

[ At the end of May - ] Friendship Meet of Mt. Ippai Climbing

Place: Starting point of a trail up a mountain at Tamogami Baba in Tamura Town

Mt. Ippai is named after its shape resembling to a sake cup placed upside down. It is 1-hour walk from Babadaira to “Taishi no Hiroba, or Squire for Ambition”. Enjoy recreation on the day of festival.

[ The 3rd Sunday of May ] Opening of Mt. Adatara

Place: Starting point of a trail up a mountain at Ishimushiro

It is at a height of 1,700m above sea level. After praying for safety at the top of the mountain, and there will be a contest for Miss Adatara. It is four-hour walk from the starting point for climbing to the top at Ishimushiro from Koriyama City. They will deliver memorable pennants.

[ The 1st Sunday of June ] Takashiba Deko Festival

Takashiba Deko Yashiki (Japanese-style residence) in Nishida Town

This festival will be held in a town of craftsmen famous for Miharu Hariko Doll and Miharu Goma (colt), and there will be a traditional show of Takashiba Shichifukujin (Seven Deities of Good Fortune) Dance.


[ The last Saturday of July ] Lake Festival

Place: Funatsu Park at Tatehama beach of Lake Inawashiro

Enjoy experiencing the basin boat and see local arts and fireworks displayed in the summer night sky and reflected on the surface of the lake.

[ The 1st Friday, Saturday and Sunday of August ] Koriyama Uneme Festival

Place: In front of the Koriyama Station and Katahira Town

This Uneme legend-related festival will have over 6,000 dancers along the street and elaborate events attracting many people.

[ At the end of July ] Summer Festa in Koriyama (Beer Festival)

Place: Kaiseizan Park

Enjoy swinging German music and beer in the site accommodating 4,000 people. This is a miniature version in Koriyama for German Oktoberfest.

[ August 9th to 10th ] Hagihime Festival

Place: Bandai Atami Hot Spa

This festival is related to Hagihime legend, which highlights the summer of hot spring town with Kento Festival (Appreciation for hot springs) and Banto (10,000 lights) parade.

[ At the beginning of August ] Fukuyama Dreaming Fireworks

Place: The River Abukuma

In daytime, enjoy the ring toss and bingo game, and after Super Draw, see a firework meet at night. Shaku Tama, which is only seen here around Koriyama, will be displayed.

[ August 14th ] Asakano Summer Festival:Flower market and Fireworks

Place: Koriyama Culture Park

In Koriyama Culture Park, there will be a flower market in the daytime, and a firework meet at night.


[ The 3rd Sunday of September ] Yanagihashi Kabuki

Place: Yangihashi Kuroishi-So in Nakata Town

This Kabuki of farming village is originated in Edo Period. At that time, the rate of tax was low and arts and festivals were very popular. They once declined, but recovered in 1980. In 2001, the field stage was completed.

[ September 27th to 29th (to November 3rd) ] Autumn Festival of Koriyama

Place: Asaka Kunisuko Shrine and other places

For 3 days from 27th to 29th , there will be autumn festivals in many parts of Koriyama City until November 3rd starting from Autumn Grand Festival at Asaka Kunitsuko Shrine which shows portable shrines’ competition among communities.

[ Previous day of Sports Day in October ] Karakasa Andon Firework

Place: Tomioka in Mihota Town

This firework was displayed for praying for rainfall in Meiji Period at the festival of Kamegamori Shrine. The 3-meter-long oiled-paper umbrella will blast firework and circulate in the sky.

[ At the beginning of October ] Ranch Festival

Place: Ishimushiro Fureai Ranch

Try experiencing of tractor ride and join the quiz to guess the weight of jumbo pumpkins. Free of charge for use of the facility. (2 days)

[ At the middle of October ] Agricultural and sightseeing products in Koriyama

Koriyama General Gymnasium

Agricultural products and specialties of Koriyama City, sister cities and autonomies related to Asaka Pioneering will be displayed and directly sold, gathering many citizens.


[ At the end of October to the middle of March ] Coming of swans

Place: Lake Inawashiro and other places

See swans at Lake Inawashiro (Aohama Beach in Konan Town), Pond Kamakura (Otsuki Town) and Home of swans at the River Abukuma (Fukuyama Town) around Koriyama City.

[ December to the beginning of February ] Big Tree Pageant Fiesta in Koriyama

Place: Square in front of Koriyama Station and other places

During the festival, illumination will be lit at zelkova trees in the square in front of the station. Enjoy fantastic and romantic world of lights.

[ The first Sunday of December ] Tsururinko Festival of Bandai Atami Hot Spa

Place: Koriyama Skating Rink and Koriyama Ice Arena

This is the winter event to eat your fill of Tsururinko nabemono after enjoying a tug of war game on ice and a skating class and a curling meet.

[ December 28th ] Asaka Kunisuko Shrine Big Kagami-mochi pounding

Place: Asaka Kunisuko Shrine

Shrine parishioners briskly pound and make a big Kagami-mochi of 90 kg in weight and 1m in diameter to celebrate the New Year from the early morning and pray for the productiveness of grains and safety of family.

[ January 6 to 7th ] Nanoka-Do Visit

Place: Nyohoji Temple

Many good men and women visit the temple to pray for the New Year’s Happiness, such as Fukumasaru and Fortune Darma in many roadside stands.

[ At the beginning of February ] Winter Festa in Koriyama (New Liquor Festival)

Place: Hotels in Koriyama City

Enjoy the tasteful new liquor of the local sake manufacturer and the rough squirt available only in this occasion, and creative local dishes made from fresh local products in Koriyama.