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Bandai Atami Hop Springs

Bandai Atami Cooperative of Hot Spring Inns
Koriyama Yulax Atami

Bandai Atami Cooperative of Hot Spring Inns

【Origin of Bandai Atami Hot Springs】
After the punitive expedition of Oshu Hiraizumi by Minamoto Yoritomo in 1189, Mr. Ito, a feudatory, became a lord of Asaka County and named this land Atami after his birthplace, Izu. The name, Atami (Hot ocean) indicates that hot spring welled up same as Atami of Izu at that time though they had no ocean near the area. Around the time of Kenmu in Nampokucho period, Princess Hagi, a beautiful daughter of a noble, was suffering from an incurable disease in Kyoto.?


She received a revelation from Fudomyoo to visit a spirit spring situated at the 500th riverside to the northeast of Capital and to take a bath to cure the disease. She and her maid took a way toward Tohoku. Overcoming many hardships, they arrived at the 500th river and took a bath. The hot spring cured her sickness completely, and then she appreciated it and went back to Kyoto. This Hagihime legend is known as the origin of "Hot Spring of beauty". The old-style of "Hagihime Festival" related to this legend is held in every August.


【Data of Bandai Atami Hot Springs】
Kind of hot spring: Alkaline simple spring, and Simple hydrogen sulfide spring
Effects: Neuralgia, Joint pain, Bruises, Sprains, Cold constitution, Recovery from weariness, and Cuts



Location Atami 2-13, Atami Town
Tel 024-984-2182 (Union)
HP http://www.bandaiatami.or.jp/welcome.stm



Koriyama Yulax Atami

This is a multi-purpose facility combining a convention facility, a sport facility and a spa function. Koriyama City built this facility in Bandai Atami Spa. This spa provides a big bathtub, and you can see greenery surrounding the spa over the glasses in a bright bath. It has "A spring of rocks" using natural stones for the floor and the walls, and "A spring of Hagi" using fancy tiles for the bath. Men and women can take a bath in both bathes alternately on a week basis.


【Type of bath】
Foamy bath, Beating bath, Pouring bath, Douche bath, Lying bath, Water bath, Big bathtub (Bath for a whole body), Open-air bath, and Sauna (Each has 2 rooms for men and women.)

【Data of spa】
Kind of hot spring: Simple spring
Effects: Rheumatism, Disfunction of movement, Neuroparalysis, Recovery time after disease, Recovery from tiredness



Location Atami 2-148-2, Atami Town
Tel 024-984-2800
Business hour 9:00-21:00
Closed The 1st Tuesday of each month
Parking figures 550 cars
Rate 400 yen for one bathing
1,000 yen for all-day bathing (A common room is available for all-day bathing)
Fare for a child is available
Equipment Locker is available. (Return style)
Lodging No service
Meals Carry-on food is permitted. Restaurants and shops are equipped in the facility.
Setout Shampoo, Soap and Drier
HP http://www.city.koriyama.fukushima.jp/yracs/index.htm



Jurakuso, Koriyama City Welfare Center for the Aged

This facility is Welfare Center for the Aged that Koriyama City runs. This is surrounded by big mountains, and nearby are mountain streams of Gohyakugawa River. Seasonal changes are beautiful with a full of nature and traveling sentiments.
This therapeutic bath provides people who long served for the development of society with a place of comfort to live a joyful, bright and healthy life.


【Type of bath】
Big bathtub (one for men and women respectively)

【Data of hot spring】
Kind of hot spring: Simple spring
Effects : Neuralgia, Joint ache, Chronic gastral disease, Hemorrhoid, Cold constitution and Recovery from tiredness



Location Atami 5-16, Atami Town
Tel 024-984-3130
Business hour 9:00-16:00
Closed New yearユs holidays and year end holidays
Parking figures 40 cars
Rate 460 yen for an adult / 300 yen for a child
300 yen for all the Koriyama citizens over 60 years of age
Equipment Locker is not available.
Lodging Available (5,000 yen or over for an adult / 2,200 yen or over for a child)
2,800 yen for all the Koriyama citizens over 60 years of age
Meals Available
Setout Soap